Lincade is a small Linux distribution created by myself in 2006. It is Gentoo based and its purpose is to bring MAME emulation on a PC into an unmodified arcade cab. All what is needed, is an interface to the joysticks and buttons. Lincade utilizes a standard VGA card (certain supported models), connected to a standard Arcade cabinet screen. The cable needs to be build, soldering skills necessary. But not expensive special hardware of any kind.

How to get it?

Lincade can be downloaded in the download section of this site.


Lincade seems still to be used by some arcade enthusiasts. Due to tons of SPAM in the discussion board, I have closed it. Feel free to email me through the contact form.

Has the development stopped?

Short answer: Yes, Long answer: My arcade cabinet is unfortunately broken since a while, but it is possible that I continue the Lincade development and create a more up to date version, with updated Linux base. The hardware support is a bit limited, due to the old Gentoo version Lincade is based on.

Update: My arcade cabinet is fixed and I plan to update the kernel version for the last Lincade release, to support SATA.




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