Slow progress, still tied up with web projects

I already feel sad, since the move to Malaysia, not much time was left for my blog and the Lincade project. For the blog I decided to post more related to retro and interesting computer stuff, like in the past. Last months in germany, it became more and more a Lincade Blog, which should be just a part of this site.
Lincade got some progress with an updated Linux Kernel. Users asked for SATA support and better compatibility. The new kernel will do the job better. But it will involve a lot of testing too. Old kernel will remain in Lincade. Users will get the choice in the installation.

The web projects I am working on are planned to become kind second income. For this we founded a company called Lightspeed-Networks, which is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our slogan is “We create online worlds!” and we are doing exactly that. Our first project is called and is a website related to free car advertising. You can compare with the german website or There are already sites here in Malaysia doing it, but we are the leading one, when it comes to features. Everything was written from scratch. I even built a small content management system, to publish news and articles. In the last 6 months I started to learn a lot about search engine optimisation, usability and Ajax. Running a website seems to mean, that you are never finished. And when its not a programming task, you have to make strategies or find ways to promote it. But its fun and it will be even more, when it starts to earn money!

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