Improve stickiness of your heated bed with PVA Wood Glue

Some of my prints failed, because they came lose from the bed while printed. As a result I started to play around with a number of settings and bed temperature to tackle the problem.

At the moment I am only using PLA and increasing the bed temperature also had some unwanted side effects. The object started to ‘roll’ a bit on some of the edges and also the bottom part became slightly wider than the rest. Despite higher temperatures, I was not able to print some objects at all. They would come lose – whatever I tried.

I searched the web and found different tips to sort that out and decided to give the Wood Glue method a try. You would mix 10 parts of water with 1 part PVA Wood Glue. These ‘PVA’ based wood glues are available in DIY stores, dollar shops and all kind of places. They are very common, the brand does not matter. It just needs to indicate that it is a PVA based glue. Everybody should be able to find it somewhere.

My mixture is kept in an old 375ml water bottle. Shake it well before you use it. For application use a paper towel and put a thin layer on your bed. Turn the heat on, to have it dry quickly. The layer would last a number of prints (~10). If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can remove it with a sponge and some water – so don’t worry, can’t break anything here.

I recommend to wait after the print, until the bed has cooled down to room temperature. The print might still stick, but with just a little bit of force, it will come off. I can literally hear a ‘click’ noise when the bed cools down, indicating that the object can be removed easily now.

You can print PLA with that, using bed temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees C. The method works for ABS as well!

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