Reptile500 Motor Upgrades

I was not getting happy with my old KEDA motors. The quad is a lot heavier than the F450 Flamewheel and the performance of the motors measured by some forum users, was not on par with what I was experiencing.

20140904_174506-1After researching I found that some people were using the NTM Prop Drive 28-26 with 1000KV from HobbyKing. With a price of $16.60 a lot more expensive, than the KEDA motors I used before. They also came with an accessorie pack, unlike the NTM. For them I also had to buy an additional accesories pack for $1.89.  So that almost doubled the price, compared to what I used before ($9.90 complete).

The upgrade however, introduced a big change in terms of performance. I am quite pleased with the outcome and the Quad is now really flyable. I haven’t made progress over months, as I was moving from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. But now I can’t await that the weather improves here and I will be able to have some great FPV flight.

I also ordered Fatshark Predator V2 goggles, as I am getting fed up with my DIY solution. It is just quite bulky and if HobbyKing would not have messed up my order completely, they would be here already. Another thing I want to explore are the new Mini Quads in 250 size. I ordered the cheap $100 kit and a Naze32 flight controller. But both is in the messed up order. I have to be patient, but there might be a separate posting on the HobbyKing incident.

Here are the links to HKs store, regarding the motor and accessories kit:


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