Blog re-vamped!

I left my blog for almost a year unattended. The blogging software “pppblog” was already quite old. Same for the forum… That resulted in an incredible amount of spam. The Forum counted 55.000 spam posting about handbags, viagra, gambling and what not. Even worse in the Blog, I found more than 62.000 spam comments. Too much to erase it in an easy way.

So it was more than time, to move to a more appropriate solution. The blog migration to WordPress has started. I will continue to use the PunBB Forum, but the latest release. Unfortunately a part of the forum postings are lost. But most of it is still there. It will be back online by next week, it can still be an interesting information resource for the Lincade users.

In the future, I will post more frequently (thanks to WP Android App) and the content will also be RC related. I was quite active with that the past 18 months. Especially the multirotor stuff is really interesting!

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