Goodbye Steve!

He, the father of the iMac, iPhone, iPad and of course the Macintosh, has annouced to step back as a CEO for Apple. I read some people arguing on the web, that he can’t buy health for all his money. Yes, thats true. But what people don’t understand is, that it was for him not about the money. Steve loved what he was doing. He always invested 150% of his energy into his product and added all of his passion. Thats why his products have been that successful. I was never a big Apple fan, but they did a good job by most of their products. On the wintel side, you can’t find anything designed with passion. Its just economic which rules. Too many manufacturers still have to understand, that these days the people looking for more than just simple functionality and the “ability to do the job”. 100 years ago, it was enough for a car to 4 wheels and an engine. It would drive. But then the people, after getting used to cars, they looked for the special plus. Apple understood that.

I just can hope the worst will not happen, Steve’s health improves and we are not losing the biggest (and last) IT visionary of our time.

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