Entering the world of 3D printing

RC is probably one of the greatest hobbies in the world. There is so much stuff to explore and technology has made huge leaps forward. 3D printing is one of this leaps and it is  clearly for me a part of  the RC hobby these days. What could be greater than just printing the parts you need or improving the RC models you got? All you need is a 3D printer and some CAD software. And even if you are not interested in designing your own parts, you can find already millions ready to download on different sites on the internet.

Hobbyking just added a quite promising looking printer to their shop. I already ordered one from eBay. It is a Repreap Prusa i3 that exist in a few different flavors. It is an open source 3D printer and also the Hobby King printer is using some elements, that seem to derive from the Prusa. Advantage of the Preprap prusa is a larger build platform of 20x20x20 CM wherelese the HK printer got 5cm less (15x15x15).

The assembly of my ‘Sintron Reprap Prusa i3’ turned out to be a puzzle. It was quite hard to get it together and I plan some articles about 3D printing and assembly of the printer. Once you how things have to go together it is actually quite easy.

I already printed my first objects succesfully, but I am still fine tuning the printing. Its an art in itself. So watch this spot for some more about the Sintron Reprap Prusa i3!


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