FT952 5.8 Ghz mini video transmitter


For about $20 Hobby King sells at the moment this tiny video transmitter. It can handle 32 different channels and to have it working with your FatShark, all you need is to flip the first two DIP switches to Off position. Then it selects the D-Channel Group – which are the Fatshark frequencies.

The PCB of this tiny VTX looks convincing and the SMA connector which is soldered upright onto the board seems to be mounted well. It should be able to take some crashes. What is really remarkable is the fact that it comes with a standard AND a GoPro cable. The standard cable has doubled ground wires – that makes installation really easy. One goes to the camera, the other to the power source. The included antenna is crap – as usual. I recommend to replace it ASAP with a Clover Leave antenna.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI tested the transmitter on my Trifecta mine tricopter and can say that it performs as well as my FatShark 250mw transmitter.  Thats by costing only a fraction and being that tiny! I rarely review products, but this tiny thing excited me!


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