Releasing Lincade 0.031pre2 for public testing

Lincade 0.031pre2

You might already noticed, that I released last week a non public pre release of the next Lincade version. This release got a lot of progress in the last days and became Lincade 0.031pre2, which is hopefully good enough, to be publically tested!
Please report any bug or positive feedback to the development forum. Dont forget, that this is not a official stable Lincade release. There is still some work to be done. The motivation of releasing this, is to get as many feedback as possible from you.

* AVGA support is now perfect
* added SNES emulator and integrated it in Advmenu (zsnes WIP)
* added ADVMESS 1.0.2
* added full VMWare support (selectable in the setup)
* added USB mass storage support
* added the user mame to some groups, fixed permissions (which enables him to shutdown the system and mount CDs or USB sticks)
* extended the setup with an Update option (backup/restore the home folder within the setup process, to keep your mame configuration and highscores)
* extended the setup with CD/DVD detection (changes to fstab automatically done)
* added manual cab mode switching for the console (fbset CAB)
* added french language to the setup (thanks to ddrmanxbxfr)
* many changes in the kernel configuration (better compatibility, removed unneeded)
* minor changes on the Lincade CD (shows know up as Lincade) (thanks to ddrmanxbxfr)
* added some free SNES demo roms
* removed not working free mame rom alien
* added a keyboard chooser (choosekeymap command)
* Updated ALSA from 1.0.11 to 1.0.13
* Updated ADVMAME
* and other small changes I cant remember 🙂

You can download this pre-release from the download section.

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