Lincade 0.040 released!!

The long time of waiting is over. Three months after the last testing and six months after the last stable release, here is the next stable Lincade release. It took a long time but Lincade got a lot of improvements and extensions, not only bugs were fixed. Biggest change or improvement in this release, is JIcemanL script. With this script a lot of administration and special cab related configuration tasks can be done. You can find a lot more informations about’s capabilities, in the posting below this annoucement. So here ist the list of all changes/fixes and improvements….


  • added (let you configure your keyboard, network, cab screen and more – see posting below), howto
  • added samba package (configurable by
  • added libmikmod package
  • added sdl-mixer package
  • added sudo package
  • added xdialog package
  • added splashutils package
  • added NES emulation (advmess based)
  • added NES christmas demo (for testing)
  • added Daphne laserdisk emulator
  • added Lincade themed verbose splash (you will see it in PC-mode)
  • added cheat.dat, gameinfo.dat, history.dat and command.dat to .advmame
  • added fourth language italian to setup and
  • added honni kernel driver for self buidable cab control interface (see project website)
  • changes/improvements to setup (faster and more reliable)
  • removed unused packages like QT (safe space)
  • removed advmame.xml (safe space, automatically created anynway)
  • fixed permission problem with advmame.rc (changes of game configs are saved now)
  • fixed hiscore problem (added hiscore.dat)
  • fixed some minor kernel issues
  • fixed permission problem with mounting cd/usb (user mame can mount everything now)
  • changes to advmame.rc
  • changes to vmware configuration

You  find two howtos to support you in installing this lincade release and use the script in the howto section of the forum. Cause there are a lot of change in the home folder, I would recommend to let the setup install a fresh one. Dont use the backup/restore option of the setup for the home folder to make sure that your get all updates!

The Lincade-0.040 ISO can be found in our download section.

Please report bugs, successes and suggestions to the Lincade forum. Always remember: Use at your owk risk! This release is tested but there will be always a small risk damaging your hardware.

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