Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh in 1984

Currently I am reading an biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs. About two years back, I already read iWoz, the autobiography of the other part of the famous Apple duo. The difference between both books is the fact, that there actually is no authorized biography of Steve Jobs. It seem he doesn’t like to be revealed too much about himself. Thats strange, as we know him these days as probably the most  charismatic visionary in IT world. He is the opposite of shy, talking to his crowd at Macworld or other occasions, showing the latest Apple products who (might) change the world.

The picture drawn in the book, I am currently on page 136 of more than 450, is a charismatic and very smart guy with the power to influence people. He also got a vision and the belief, that he got the understanding, what the people, the Apple customers, really want. But sometimes in a way with just a too big ego, not listening to anybody – because he knows it better. Some love him, but many at Apple start to hate him at this point. The chapter I have finished, ended with the presentation of the Apple Macintosh. Steve delivered a great show to his audience ( or was it the Mac?). Everybody after watching this, will confirm that – Apple fan or not. I got goose bumps watching this.

Today Steve is of course not the same, people do change. But he is still brilliant as he was at that days. Or even more? In my opinion, Apple got a vision and the products are all well designed. Something I have difficulties to say about Microsoft.

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