Trip into the apple history

Weeks ago i bought Steve Wozniaks’ biography “iWoz” and began reading it. I dont have completely finished it yet but I am pretty close at the end. It is fun reading it. Steve is a guy who loves to joke and a real nerd too. I was amazed to read, how he developed the Apple I and II completely on his own. Even the codeĀ  in the ROMs with the BASIC interpreter was written by him – in machine language. Interesting for all retro fans is, that it is possible to buy Apple I replicas.

The book gives a great view back into a time. After reading it, you will have an idea what happened to the world, more than 25 years ago and why some companies were successfull and others not. For me this booked solved the secret, why I found on an old Apple Macintosh IIci mainboard so many Commodore chips.

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